South Oxfordshire Quiz League

Fixtures and Results Table 2017–2018

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Round 1    
Preston CrowmarshTokers GreenBix and Assendon
Stoke RowBlewburyBix and Assendon
WarboroughIpsden and North StokeBix and Assendon
EwelmeCheckendonBix and Assendon
Park CornerHighmoorBix and Assendon
WoodcoteNettlebedBix and Assendon
Round 2    
BlewburyPreston CrowmarshTokers Green
Ipsden and North StokeStoke RowTokers Green
CheckendonWarboroughTokers Green
HighmoorEwelmeTokers Green
NettlebedPark CornerTokers Green
Bix and AssendonWoodcoteTokers Green
Round 3    
Preston CrowmarshIpsden and North StokeWoodcote
Tokers GreenBlewburyWoodcote
Stoke RowCheckendonWoodcote
Park CornerBix and AssendonWoodcote
Round 4    
CheckendonPreston CrowmarshBlewbury
Ipsden and North StokeTokers GreenBlewbury
HighmoorStoke RowBlewbury
Bix and AssendonEwelmeBlewbury
WoodcotePark CornerBlewbury
Round 5    
Preston CrowmarshHighmoorPark Corner
Tokers GreenCheckendonPark Corner
BlewburyIpsden and North StokePark Corner
Stoke RowNettlebedPark Corner
WarboroughBix and AssendonPark Corner
EwelmeWoodcotePark Corner
Round 6    
NettlebedPreston CrowmarshIpsden and North Stoke
HighmoorTokers GreenIpsden and North Stoke
CheckendonBlewburyIpsden and North Stoke
Bix and AssendonStoke RowIpsden and North Stoke
WoodcoteWarboroughIpsden and North Stoke
Park CornerEwelmeIpsden and North Stoke
Round 7    
Preston CrowmarshBix and AssendonEwelme
Tokers GreenNettlebedEwelme
Ipsden and North StokeCheckendonEwelme
Stoke RowWoodcoteEwelme
WarboroughPark CornerEwelme
Round 8    
WoodcotePreston CrowmarshCheckendon
Bix and AssendonTokers GreenCheckendon
HighmoorIpsden and North StokeCheckendon
Park CornerStoke RowCheckendon
Round 9    
Preston CrowmarshPark CornerWarborough
Tokers GreenWoodcoteWarborough
BlewburyBix and AssendonWarborough
Ipsden and North StokeNettlebedWarborough
Stoke RowEwelmeWarborough
Round 10    
EwelmePreston CrowmarshHighmoor
Park CornerTokers GreenHighmoor
Bix and AssendonIpsden and North StokeHighmoor
WarboroughStoke RowHighmoor
Round 11    
Preston CrowmarshWarboroughStoke Row
Tokers GreenEwelmeStoke Row
BlewburyPark CornerStoke Row
Ipsden and North StokeWoodcoteStoke Row
CheckendonBix and AssendonStoke Row
HighmoorNettlebedStoke Row
Round 12    
Stoke RowPreston CrowmarshNettlebed
WarboroughTokers GreenNettlebed
Park CornerIpsden and North StokeNettlebed
Bix and AssendonHighmoorNettlebed
Round 13    
Tokers GreenStoke RowPreston Crowmarsh
BlewburyWarboroughPreston Crowmarsh
Ipsden and North StokeEwelmePreston Crowmarsh
CheckendonPark CornerPreston Crowmarsh
HighmoorWoodcotePreston Crowmarsh
NettlebedBix and AssendonPreston Crowmarsh
Note: Rounds can be completed in any chronological order. All matches must be arranged by 1st May 2018.
Key: w = awarded win in match that did not take place   c = conceded match that did not take place
        d = draw agreed in match that did not take place, and for which no points are awarded.