South Oxfordshire Knock-Out Quiz

Knock-Out Competition Rules 2020

  1. Each team has six members.
  2. The minimum number of team members shall be four.
  3. The organiser of the home team will arrange the fixture, contact the questionmaster and organise a scorer, unless the questionmaster is happy to bring one.
  4. Each quiz will consist of ten rounds plus one 'team question' round, during which team members may confer in producing their answer(s). The team question round will take place at the end of the first half of the quiz before the refreshment break.
  5. The team question round may consist of any number of separate parts but will contribute a maximum of 10 points to the team's score. It should not normally take more than five minutes to complete.
  6. Questions in the main ten rounds will be answered alternately by each team.
  7. The person asked the question will score two points for a correct answer. If the question is passed to another nominated member of the same team and answered correctly then one point will be scored. If the question is answered incorrectly, or the team is unable to answer the question, the question will be passed to the other team, which will score one point for a correct answer.
  8. Once a team member starts to answer a question, he or she must complete it. The question cannot then be passed to another member of the team.
  9. If a team is 'under strength' then team members may answer the questions which would have been allocated to the 'missing' members, but may only score one point for those questions.
  10. A handicapping system is in operation. Any advantage gained by one of the competing teams as a result of the difference in the two handicaps will be applied at the beginning of the quiz and reflected in the scores at the end of the first round.
  11. The final round should not be specialised.
  12. The questionmaster's word is final in disputes.
  13. The questionmaster will aim to conclude the quiz by 10.00 p.m.
  14. The final of the competition should take place before the end of June 2020.