South Oxfordshire Quiz League

Stoke Row are 2019-20 Champions

28 April 2020

On 28 March, team organisers received this message:

Since we have been obliged to end our season prematurely, we are left with an incomplete league table. Stoke Row has, however, been at the top of that table for some weeks. They have had an excellent season (or at least 10/12ths of one). Technically they could have been overtaken by Checkendon but only if they had lost both their remaining matches and Checkendon had won all three of theirs. [Checkendon, however, are happy that Stoke Row should be league champions and regard them as worthy winners.]

As no-one else was in a position to challenge Stoke Row, it would seem logical to confirm them as winners. In that way, when circumstances permit us to start a new season, Stoke Row will be the new 'League Organiser' and will have the honour (?) of arranging the inaugural get-together.

But we are a democracy and, before we can make any announcement, it would be good to have the approval of other participating teams. Please let us know what you think.

All those who replied approved this proposal and therefore Stoke Row are League Champions for 2019-20. Congratulations to them.

Now we await news of when it might possible to resume such social activities as quiz competitions.

Knock-Out Cup

28 April 2020

It has been suggested that, should the circumstances allow, we might still be able to complete the five matches needed to finish the cup competition, provided that all parties who still have an interest in that competition agree. We will let you know.

Cessation of the Quiz League and Knock-Out Cup Competitions

17 March 2020

In view of the government announcements on Monday 16 March of measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus, we had no choice but to suspend this season's league and knock-out cup competitions. Official predictions of how long the measures will need to be in place suggest that there is little hope of a resumption before our season ends. The remaining matches are therefore cancelled.

We are sure that all our participants will understand.

We'll let you know here when we are able to resume.